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FOI request

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Emergency Action under the Housing Act 2004

I am writing to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for information regarding emergency action under the Housing Act 2004.

Specifically, I would like the following information:

  1. The details of all emergency action served within the council area since 2013. Please include the date issued, the date completed, whether the work was carried out by the council or by the owner, the building’s usage (residential, industrial, business, etc), the nature and seriousness of the disrepair, the nature of remedial action.

  2. Details of all penalties given out relating to emergency action each year since 2013, including the nature of the disrepair and the amount requested.

If this information could be broken down by request that would be very much appreciated. I would like this information in electronic form, preferably as a CSV file or word document.

Our response

  1. Please see table and schedules of work below.
  2. No civil penalties have been served

Housing Act 2004 Emergency Action

Information on who carried out the remedial action is not held at the council. It is assumed that the landlord organised the works to be carried out.

All the notices were served regarding residential properties.

Flare reference: 490
Date served: 24 December, 2015
Date complied with: Outstanding
Nature of disrepair: Electrical Hazards and Excess cold
Category of hazard: 1
Nature of remedial action: The remedial action which will result in the Order being revoked. The electrical installation to the premises must be examined and reported on by a competent electrician affiliated to NICEIC, NAPIT or equivalent. Items coded 1 or 2 in the report must be remedied. The exterior walls of the property must be lined with an laminated, insulated plasterboard which is 75mm thick. The windows must be replaced with double glazed units. The electric night storage heaters must be replaced by modern fan-assisted storage heaters, or an equivalent system, capable of achieving and maintaining an internal temperature of at least 18°C when the temperature outside is -1°C. The operation of the solid fuel stove must be reported on by an engineer affiliated to HETAS and deemed to be safe to use.

Flare reference: 500
Date served: 27 September, 2016
Date complied with: 18 August 2016
Nature of disrepair: Personal Hygiene Sanitation and Drainage
Category of hazard: 1
Nature of remedial action:
The works required to repair the drains and leave them in sound working order must go ahead. The premises must also receive a deep clean in order that it is sanitised.

Flare reference: 508
Date served:
10 January, 2017
Date complied with:
Nature of disrepair:
Electrical Hazards and Excess cold
Category of hazard:
Nature of remedial action:
The electrical installation must be rewired and certified by a competent electrical engineer affiliated with the NICEIC, ECA, NAPIT or equivalent. The property must have a system of fixed heating which is capable of maintaining an indoor temperature of 18°C when the outside temperature is -1°C. It is recommended that this is achieved through:

  1. Installing a layer of insulation in the loft; 270mm thick.

  2. Fitting modern fan-assisted, wall mounted night storage heaters in the lounges, kitchen, stairwell, bathroom and bedrooms. Alternatively, fit a modern, economic panel heater with thermostat and timing control (such as a Rointe).

  3. Replacing windows with double glazed UPVC framed units - the property is neither listed nor in a conservation area.

  4. Repoint the chimney serving the solid fuel stove. Test the stove for functionality and reline the chimney if needed using a HETAS qualified contractor.

Response date
09 August 2019