Freedom of information request response - 06327

FOI request

FOI ID number
HGV Fleet and Waste Collection Services

(1) Please can you provide the following information about your fleet of heavy goods vehicles as of two points in time (01/07/2015 and 01/07/2019):

Please provide a schedule of your fleet over 3.5 tonnes, detailing the following information:

  1. The type of vehicle >3.5 tonnes:
    • Refuse Collection Vehicles [use: household waste collection]
    • Tankers [use: mainline sewers, gullies and drains]
    • Sweepers [use: street and road cleaning]
    • Skip Loaders and Hook Lifts [use: waste management / general use]
    • All Other Vehicles >3.5 tonnes
  2. How the vehicle is owned/funded:
    • Owned Outright Definition: The vehicle was bought directly by your council with no specific funding tied to the vehicle
    • Finance Lease Definition: The vehicle is funded by a finance lease secured against the vehicle for an agreed period of time, with ownership and risk transferring to the council at the end of the finance period
    • Spot Hire Definition: The vehicle is being hired on a temporary basis from another party with no time commitment
    • Fixed-Term Contract Hire / “Operating Lease" Definition: The vehicle is being hired on a long-term basis for an agreed time-period, typically for more than 3 years
    • Other (please state)
  3. Where the procurement method is not Owned Outright, please name the supplier of finance/rental
  4. Date vehicle joined your fleet and expected de-fleet date
  5. Make and model, indicating Euro 5 or Euro 6 (where known)
  6. Where known, list price of vehicle when purchased

(2) Where are these vehicles generally maintained: (a) your own workshops, (b) a workshop run by the outsourcing company that you use, or (c) a workshop run by a third party?

Where there are any differences across the schedule of fleet provided above, please indicate.

Our response


Eden District Council has not had a fleet of heavy goods vehicles during the time period you set out in your request.

Response date
09 August 2019