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Public participation in Planning Committee
  1. Can you confirm how long, in minutes, a community group such as a Civic Society is permitted to speak at your local council’s Planning Committee? (By ‘Planning Committee’ we mean your local authority’s committee of elected members which determines planning applications. It may be known by a different name in your local authority).
  2. Is there a limit on the number of registered speakers permitted to speak at your Planning Committee? If yes, please specify the maximum number of speakers allowed. 
  3. Is there a limit on the total time allowed for registered speakers? If yes, please provide details of the time restriction. 
  4. Are your Planning Committee procedure rules publicly available online? If yes, please provide the weblink.

Our response

  1. Any person wishing to make a representation at a meeting of the Planning Committee may do so  in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 11. The participation of any member of the public in pursuance of Rule 11 is at the discretion of the Chairman. Ordinarily approval will be granted to a person upon request. However, there may be circumstances where the Chairman decides it is not appropriate for the person concerned to make representations to the Council's meeting. Rule 11 sets out the grounds upon which any refusal should be made. The Chairman will identify the ground of any refusal which is made.

The person making the representation to the meeting may do so for up to five minutes generally. If there are two or more people who wish to make representations on the same or a similar topic it may be appropriate to limit their contributions so that they total five minutes or one person makes representations on behalf of the others.

Members of the public may also speak in support of or objection to individual planning applications. The participation of any member of the public will in all cases be at the discretion of the Chairman of the Committee. Ordinarily approval will be granted, but on occasion the Chairman may refuse the request on the grounds mentioned in the Council Procedure Rules. A request will generally be refused if the representation does not relate to material planning considerations.

Any person who wishes to address the committee should request to do so in writing to the Assistant Director Governance by no later than midday one clear working day before the day of the meeting (that is not counting the day of the meeting or the day notice is given.

Any person making representations objecting to the grant of permission or seeking the imposition of conditions will address the Committee for up to five minutes. In the event that two representations are made these will each be for a maximum of 2.5 minutes;

Any person making representations in support of the application (other than the applicant or his/her representative) will address the committee for up to five minutes. As in relation to objectors, up to five minutes shared between supporters will be permitted.

Any Parish representative will be permitted to address the Committee for up to five minutes;

If a member of the Council (Planning Committee member or not) wishes to advise the Committee of any representation or lobby he or she has received about the application a similar presentation may be given but in the case of a committee member the presentation should be purely factual and not opinionated;

The applicant (or appointed agent or representative) is permitted to address the Committee for up to five minutes.

 2.   Speakers on individual planning applications are limited to: objectors; supporters; Parish  representatives;  Members and the applicant (or their agent).

 3.There is a total limit of 5 minutes for each of the above for each of the above per planning application.

 4.The procedure rules are contained within the Constitution which is available online. Please refer to Part 4 Rules of Procedure (Rule 11 of Council Procedures) and Part 5 (Section B Protocol on Public and Member Participation in Meetings and Section D Code of Planning Conduct and Practice)


Response date
08 August 2019