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Penrith Master Plan Costs

I note from the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald that the Penrith Master Plan cost £45,000 to produce.

I would appreciate you letting me have the detailed build-up of all the project costs to date, year by year, distinguishing costs from outside parties with those from the Council's resources

I am particularly keen to know the total amount spent to date with Land Use Consultants Ltd.

Our response


I can confirm that the Council successfully applied for £250,000 from central government’s Planning Delivery Fund at the end of 2017. This funding was made available to support ambitious local authorities in exploring how they could contribute to the one million homes that the Government is seeking to deliver by 2020.

To date (up to 4 February 2019), the Council has spent £177,000 in relation to the masterplan and other costs associated with improvements in Penrith in support of the outcomes wished for. Of this, £62,970 has been spent on services procured from Land Use Consultants. All of these costs were incurred in financial year 2018/19 with the exception of £104.17.

It is not possible to set out costs associated with the use of the Council’s internal resources (i.e. staff) as work undertaken by Officers on the masterplan is deemed to fall within the scope/remit of their day to day role.

Response date
02 August 2019