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FOI request

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Employee Travel

I am writing to politely request the following information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):  

  1. How many business miles have been travelled by council employees using their own car (Greyfleet) in the last 12 months?
  2. How much money has been reimbursed back to employees for those business miles for Greyfleet in the last 12 months?
  3. How much does the council reimburse its employees per mile?
  4. How many miles did council employees drive in the last 12 months in any type of vehicle e.g. Greyfleet, council owned, car rental, car club etc.?
  5. Does the council have an employee travel policy for business travel, which may include other additional modes of transport such as train, car rental etc.?

Our response

  1. 128,458.
  2. £98,778.57 (includes EU lump sum payments of £45,777.58).
  3. Essential user – 40.9p plus lump sum payment of £80.25/month, Casual user - 52.2p, Out of County miles - 24.5p.
  4. As per answer 1 plus approx a further 11,000 miles on leased community warden vans.
  5. Yes, see Travel, Subsistence and Expenses Policy.
Response date
31 July 2019