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Food Hygiene Certificates

I am requesting the food hygiene report for The Bay Horse, Winton. Why is the report not public access as the rating is and can lead to all sorts of thoughts.

Also, why is the food hygiene certificate not displayed?

I pass the pub regularly and have never seen the sign displayed, surely a low rating is more important to show for customers?

Our response


Please find attached the latest food hygiene report as requested. Please note personal information has been redacted.

There is no legal requirement for reports of visits or letters to be public access. The  Food Standards Agencies Food Hygiene Rating website provides the breakdown of the score to show how the score rating has been applied, it states the scores for Hygiene (practices), structure (physical and cleanliness) and confidence in management.

There is no legal requirement in England that requires a business to display their rating, it is a mandatory requirement in Wales but not England. We encourage businesses to display the rating and they are published on the food hygiene rating site for public to access.

Response date
29 July 2019