Freedom of information request response - 06223

FOI request

FOI ID number
Industrial Air Pollution

I have found your permit register at and was hoping you could confirm a few details for me?

  • Is the publically available register found at the above link the most up-to-date and complete version (including Part B & A2 processes)?
  • In addition, we would also like to request details of any enforcement notices issued relating to breaches of the terms of the above permits since our last update on 1 January 2018. Where none have been issued we would be grateful if you could confirm as such.

Our response


We have updated our webpage to include the current register of Part B processes.

See Part B operating installations.

No enforcement notices have been issued on any of our permitted processes relating to breaches of the terms of permits, since January 2018.

Response date
25 July 2019