Freedom of information request response - 06273

FOI request

FOI ID number
Payment methods
  1. In what format does the council give 'emergency support' to constituents? e.g. by voucher, direct debit or cash.
  2. Does the local authority offer a 'direct debit discount'? this could be in the form of either a percentage off, a whole amount or to constituents for services such as payment of adult social care bills or council tax payment which is paid via direct debit. If the answer is yes, please could you give details of the discount, in either percentage or monetary value and for which service it is offered. 
  3. Does the town hall or council buildings allow constituents to pay for services in cash or only card? 

Our response

  1. N/A as we are not a social care authority.
  2. No.
  3. Currently both.
Response date
24 July 2019