Freedom of information request response - 06219

FOI request

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Regulation of public spaces
  1. Please state whether you have used the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to restrict the distribution of free printed matter (leafleting).

    If so, please state the cost of obtaining a leafleting licence. Please state whether you apply these restrictions to small local arts and community groups (for example a local theatre or arts group).

  2. Please state whether there are any additional restrictions in your town or city centre on leafleting on behalf of religious/charity/political groups.

  3. Please state whether there are public open-air areas within your city or town centre which are owned and controlled by private companies (for example, a square or a park). If possible, please state the number of these areas. Please state whether you are aware of any restrictions in these areas upon freedom of speech or association (for example, restrictions on leafleting, political demonstrations, gathering in groups, charity fundraising, or on megaphones or amplification).

  4. Please state whether you have taken down or issued warnings for posters put up by community/religious/charitable/political groups, or for local events. Please give a list of all such posters taken down in the past year. Please provide as much detail as is possible (eg, the name of the community group concerned, and the action taken).

  5. Please state whether there is a free public noticeboard within your town or city centre where people can put up posters.

  6. Please state whether your council has an area in the town centre where people could put up a temporary stall (for example, to campaign on a political cause). Would a fee be payable to the council for this?
    (and if so, how much?).

Our response

  1. No.
  2. Not applicable.
  3. None to which the public have unrestricted access, apart from private car parks.
  4. No.
  5. There are four towns in Eden District, all of which have a town/parish council. Information is not held on whether they provide free public noticeboards.
  6. Yes. There is not normally a fee for this.
Response date
19 July 2019