Freedom of information request response - 06199

FOI request

FOI ID number
Housing Inspection

Can you please provide me with the information requested below:

  • Any operational policies or procedures in relation to the preparation, planning, management and scheduling (appointments) of housing inspections (condition of rented property).
  • Any procedures in place for periodically checking that data accuracy of tenants and landlords for housing inspections.
  • Any procedures to determine when and how often personal data requires updating.
  • If data is been held electronically, does the housing inspection system include a facility to flag records for review/deletion.
  • How is a review made to determine if the housing inspection data should be deleted?
  • Name of the system used to manage and record housing inspections?
  • If data is supplied by 3rd parties how is that checked for data accuracy ie does it go through a data cleaning procedure before been imported into the main Housing inspection system?
  • Describe the security measure that are in place t prevent any unauthorised or unlawful access to the inspection records.
  • Data held in electronic format (eg password controlled access.
  • Data held in manual record (eg locked filing cabinet).

Our response

  • The relevant policies and procedures are currently under review.
  • As above.
  • As above.
  • Not currently.
  • Not currently undertaken.
  • Flare.
  • All cases are investigated on a case by case basis. Any data gathered is inspected and verified.
  • Password controlled system and limited licences.
  • Minimal manual records held in locked filing cabinet.
Response date
16 July 2019