Freedom of information request response - 06192

FOI request

FOI ID number
Homelessness Prevention
  1. Do you have a “Homelessness prevention department” or similar? If so, are you able to give me any stats about its work – number of people helped, budget, current/anticipated challenges, ambition etc.?
  2. Do you run or link with Housing Associations? If so, any details will help us greatly, but particularly: Numbers helped, rent default levels, financially based evictions, supply vs demand, current/anticipated challenges, ambition etc.
  3. Housing benefit numbers.

Our response


Please see the table below with the number of Registered Provider tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit in 2018/19, unfortunately I don’t have data for April 2018 as we were still recovering from conversion to our new computer system and unsure how to extract the data. The figure continually reduced from July 2018 due to the full roll out of Universal Credit; 

Month Year Number of Registered Provider tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit
May 2018 1,326
June 2018 1,328
July 2018 1,336
August 2018 1,326
September 2018 1,290
October 2018 1,272
November 2018 1,259
December 2018 1,251
January 2019 1,222
February 2019 1,209
March 2019 1,189
Response date
10 July 2019