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FOI request

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Spending on Advertising
  1. What is the total amount spent by this local authority in each of 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 on advertising, broken down by the following categories:
  • Out-of-home advertising such as banners/billboards/posters/displays/signs etc
  • Print advertising, excluding local newspapers/publications, such as direct mail and leaflets.
  • Print advertising within local newspapers/publications
  • Film/TV/video
  • Local radio
  • Social media
  • Online advertising (recruitment)
  • Online advertising (non-recruitment)
  • Any other


  1. The top 5 outlets in terms of advertising spend (in the interest of commercial sensitivity,

this answer does not need to include the amount that is spent with each outlet, the list can

also be randomised in order if deemed necessary.) By outlet I refer to the specific host for a

piece of advertising, such as a local newspaper or advertising company.

 If figures cannot be disaggregated into the requested categories, please provide a total figure for each of the requested financial years.

Our response


1. The expenditure is not recorded at this level of detail, the totals per year are:

2016/17: £39.9k

2017/18: £62.4k

2018/19: £92.7k


2. Top 5 suppliers are:

a, C&W Herald

b, Cumbria Newspapers

c, Intro PR

d, Hunter Johnston

e, Northern Design Collective


Response date
03 July 2019