Freedom of information request response - 06170

FOI request

FOI ID number
Procurement systems
  1. What procurement system do you use? And is this also where you publish tenders?
  2. Do you publish tenders anywhere else, if so where?
    For example, your website, Contracts Finder etc
  3. How much do you pay per annum for your procurement software?
  4. What are the contract start and end dates with the provider and when will the next tender become available?
  5. How long have you used this software for in total?
  6. What are the purchasing rules of your organisation?
    For example - £0-£10,000 (3 quotes), £10,000+ public notification etc.

Our response

  1. The Chest North West Portal & The Contracts Finder are used for procurement. Tender awards are published via The Contracts Finder as (6) below. And via the EDC website.
  2. The Contracts Finder as per below.

  3. The charge is part of a much larger contract across the North West Authorities to use The Chest North West. EDC’s contribution is circa £2K.

  4. The Contract started in 1st August 2015 and extends to 31st July 2023.

  5. Since 2010 - 9 years.

  6. See table below
Contract value Process Advertised on Contracts Finder Award notification on Contracts Finder
£5,000 Minimum 1 written quotation No No
£5,000 - £10,000 2 written quotations No No
£10,000 - £25,000 3 written quotations On Contracts Finder if openly advertised Yes
£25,000 - £60,000 4 written quotations On Contracts Finder if openly advertised Yes
£60,000 – EU thresholds Tender through The Chest Yes Yes
EU Thresholds EU compliant Tender on Chest Yes Yes


Response date
06 June 2019