Freedom of information request response - 06141

FOI request

FOI ID number
Grave digging and Grounds maintenance Contracts

We have been directed to submit an FOI request for the following information with regards to your current Grave Digging and Grounds Maintenance Contracts. Please can you provide the below information for both of these types of contacts?

  1. Relevant Contract Title
  2. What was the contract start date? (approx. is fine)
  3. When is the contract is due for renewal? (approx. is fine)
  4. What is the current contract value?
  5. Who is your current provider?
  6. What types of services are provided in this current contract?
  7. Procurement Contact Name
  8. Procurement Contact Role
  9. Procurement Contact Email Address
  10. Procurement Contact Telephone Number

Our response

  1. Grounds Maintenance Contract (part of a much larger Lot, that includes Refuse, Street Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Footway Lighting, Stray Dogs and Miscellaneous and Emergency Works.
  2. 1 April 2012
  3. 31 March 2022, possible 5 years extension to 2027
  4. Circa £309,000
  5. Amey plc
  6. Mainly grass cutting, play areas, parks and cemeteries.
  7. Neil Buck
  8. Contracts Manager
  10. 01768 817817
Response date
23 May 2019