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FOI request

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Cats Protection

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we would like to make a formal request for the information set out in the form below. The information is sought on behalf of Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. In case the form’s formatting is disrupted, I have attached a Word version for your convenience.

The information is sought from your Council department responsible for street cleaning or if the cleansing of roads is contracted out then please ensure the information is obtained from the contracting company/arms-length external organisation (ALEO). The questions relate to CATS involved in road traffic accidents (RTAs) on the roads that your council is responsible for cleaning.

Our response


Does the Authority (or ALEO) scan cat RTA victims collected for a microchip and record the chip number? Yes

If yes do you inform the relevant microchip database company (eg by phone) that  you have found the deceased cat so that they can contact the cat owner? Yes

If yes do you inform your local branch of Cats Protection? No

Authority (or ALEO) disposes of the cat carcass immediately when it is returned to the Council/ALEO depot.  Yes

Authority (or ALEO) logs descriptive details of the cat carcass, cat’s appearance, with a description of when and where it was found etc.  Yes

Authority (or ALEO) keeps the cat carcass in a freezer for a set period so it can inform enquirers if they contact the authority that they have collected a cat resembling that “lost” by the owner.  No

How many cat Road Traffic Accident (RTA) carcasses have been collected in each of following years? If this data is not recorded but you can provide an estimate this is acceptable but please clarify it is an estimate.

2016 - 1

2017 - 1

2018 - 1

Response date
20 May 2019