Freedom of information request response - 06134

FOI request

FOI ID number
Property purchase for temporary homeless

For each of the financial years 2014/15; 2015/16; 2016/17; 2017/18; 2018/19

  1. How many dwellings has the council purchased for the purpose of providing temporary accommodation for homeless people?
  2. How much has been spent making those purchases?
  3. How many of the purchased properties have disabled access (for example for a wheelchair)?

In addition:

4. How much money has been set aside in the financial year 2019/20 for the purchase of properties to provide temporary accommodation for homeless people?

Our response

  1. Nil
  2. £0
  3. Nil
  4. Nil. However Eden District Council currently leases 6 properties in order to provide TA for homeless households.
Response date
20 May 2019