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HMO Licence Query

Can I ask you to confirm the following information please as this is something which is causing us as a lender issues at present.

  1. When a landlord submits an application for HMO Part 1 licensing can you advise what are your current timescales to deal with this?
  2. Once Part one is approved can you then confirm what are your timescales for Part 2 full HMO licence?
  3. If a landlord applies and is not declined can they assume the licence has been agreed and accepted and if not, then what timescales should they be working towards?
  4. Can you advise if you have set your fees for Part 2 licensing as yet? 

Thank you for your assistance and await your early response as this will help Keystone in lending to clients with HMO’s within the Eden area.

Our response

  1. 21 days between each stage.
  2. 21 days. However, should the application form not be satisfactory, the process may be held up and the timescale extended.
  3. The outcome of the application is either: A final licence is issued, or; a decision not to licence is given to the applicant and any interested parties identified on the application form or found during investigation. The decision not to licence would be given out to the applicant as soon as possible after the decision had been made. An alternative licence holder must then be found or the Council may take over the management under the Housing Act 2004 Interim Management Order (IMO) and Final Management Order (FMO).
  4. £378 for 5 lettings and £25 per letting thereafter.
Response date
23 April 2019