Freedom of information request response - 06071

FOI request

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Transit Sites

Q1. Does your Local Authority have a transit site intended to be used by the Traveller and Gypsy Community? If No, are you considering the development of a transit site? If Yes:

Q2. How many caravans does the site/s accommodate?

Q3. How many days has the site been occupied since 1 January 2018.

Q4. What is the average number of occupation (caravans) on each occasion?

Q5. What facilities are available on-site eg toilets, washing lines, play areas?

Q6. Is the transit site free to use? If Yes go to Q8

Q7. If there is a charge please explain the tariff eg, deposit and or daily / weekly charge?

Q8. Who manages the running of the site?

Our response


Q1. No and No.

Q2. Not applicable.

Q3. Not applicable.

Q4. Not applicable.

Q5. Not applicable.

Q6. Not applicable.

Q7. Not applicable.

Q8. Not applicable.

Response date
23 April 2019