Freedom of information request response - 06062

FOI request

FOI ID number
Business Rates

Required Information;-  A list of all RV's between £12k & £51k where you have granted retail discount relief for the 2019/20 rate year.    

  • Property Reference Number (also known as Billing Authority Reference Number) of the property on which the charge is made. Please note that this is not the Rate Demand or Rate Account Number.
  • Current rateable value
  • Account holder name
  • Property address
  • The billing address (where different to the property address)
  • Whether a property is empty or occupied
  • Where there is an exemption on the account please provide the start date
  • Where there is a relief on the account please provide the date it was applied and the type of relief (e.g. charity)
  • We do not require any personal information or sole traders.

Our response


Please see the spreadsheet available on our website, which can be filtered to obtain information regarding businesses and charities. This spreadsheet is updated regularly and was last done so in February 2019.

Response date
11 April 2019