Freedom of information request response - 05993

FOI request

FOI ID number
Council Budget

I am writing to request information relating to your local authority budget.

Please state the earmarked budget allocated (as opposed to out-turn or the estimated spend) by your local authority for i) financial year 2015/16 ii) financial year 2016/17 iii) financial year 2017/18 and iv) financial year 2018/19 for the below numbered spending areas (please give combined budget if within a block contract):

  1.  Adult Learning Disabled Services
  2.  Adult Social Care
  3.  Elderly Residential Care
  4.  Children’s Centres
  5.  Outdoor Education
  6.  Safeguarding Vulnerable Children
  7.  Special Educational Needs
  8.  Adoption Services
  9.  Sports Facilities
  10.  Street Lighting
  11.  Subsidised Public Transport
  12.  Winter Gritting
  13.  School Crossing
  14.  Road Maintenance

Our response


As a district council we only have responsibility for Sport Facilities from your list. The information that you requested can be found if you follow the link

Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for the other services on your list which in Cumbria fall under the remit of Cumbria County Council.

See Freedom of Information at Cumbria County Council to redirect the rest of your query using their website.

Response date
14 March 2019