Freedom of information request response - 05967

FOI request

FOI ID number
Health and Safety
  1. Who is the responsible for Healthy and Safety within the council and what is their job title?
  2. Does the council have a dedicated Health and Safety Manager and if so what is their name?
  3. Does the council have a dedicated Health and Safety software management system?
  4. If yes, who is the provider and when does the current licence expire?
  5. If no, how does the council manage its Risk Assessments, Accident and Incident reporting and safety audits etc?
  6. What budgets does the council have for the management of its Health and Safety systems and procedures?

Our response

  1. Rose Rouse, Chief Executive.
  2. Yes - Jane Langston, Assistant Director Commissioning & Technical Services.
  3. No.
  4. Not applicable.
  5. The Council has a dedicated Health and Safety Officer who with the use of a document management system manages the risk assessments, accident reporting etc. Relevant documents and information are available to all relevant staff and ‘task systems’ are used for recording data.
  6. £25,660.
Response date
04 March 2019