Freedom of information request response - 05914

FOI request

FOI ID number
Alcohol licensed premises

A full list of all premises who are currently allowed to have the sale of alcohol on their premises. The list needs to contain the following:

  • Premises Licence Number
  • Date Issued
  • Premises Licence Status
  • Premises Name
  • Premises Address
  • Premises Postcode
  • Premises Telephone Number
  • Premises Category e.g. Cafe, Bar, Theatre, Nightclub
  • Premises Licence Holder Company Name or Person Title and Full Name (if not a company).
  • Premises Licence Holder Address
  • Premises Licence Holder Postcode
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Name
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Address
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Postcode

Our response


Please refer to the public register on our website which provides details of all our current premises licences – a search with PL entered into the licence number field will return the name and address of each premises authorised to sell alcohol under a premises licence. Full details of the licence, including the name of any Designated Premises Supervisor, may be obtained by selecting individual premises.

Please note that there is no requirement for the Council to record the telephone number or category of premises and this information is therefore not on the public register.

Also, please find attached an Excel Spreadsheet with a list of all current premises licences which permit the sale of alcohol as at 6 February 2019. This list includes the licence number, first licensee name, premises name, application type, date of issue, commencement date, expiry date (31/12/9999 = indefinite licence) and status of licence. The premises name and address of any Designated Premises Supervisor is available, as indicated above, on the public register.

Response date
27 February 2019