Freedom of information request response - 05961

FOI request

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Recycling and re-sale of electrical goods
  1. Are electrical appliances recycled or re-sold by your local authority when collected from households or deposited at your recycling facility? (please specify)

  2. How are they processed?
    1. They are recycled i.e. broken down into recyclable parts on-site or by a contractor off-site (please specify).
    2. They are recycled for re-use i.e. broken down into parts and re-used in other electrical products.
    3. They are re-sold for re-use as a second hand electrical good for sale without being broken down.
    4. Other – please specify.

  3. Who processes them? (E.g. local authority, contractor, re-manufacturer, second hands retail store)

  4. If re-sold, are the items checked for
    1. electrical hazards and / or
    2. if they are recalled electrical products prior to their sale? If so, who undertakes this task?

  5. Do you know where the electrical items are re-sold?
    1. Sold at a goods auction (please specify).
    2. Sold/given to a charity.
    3. Sold to consumers directly (online/in person/at your recycling site) (please specify).
    4. Sold at a local market place.
    5. Don’t know.
    6. Other – please specify.

  6. What advice is available to consumers from your local authority on:
    1. recycling of electrical goods and how they are disposed of (e.g. broken down etc).
    2. resale of electrical goods (e.g. where they are sold).

Our response

  1. They are deposited at Cumbria County Council’s waste transfer station. See Freedom of Information at Cumbria County Council to redirect your query using their website.

  2. Cumbria County Council manage this aspect – we only deliver to their facility.

  3. Cumbria County Council manage this process.

  4. Cumbria County Council manage this process.

  5. Not known – Cumbria County Council manage this process.

  6. Cumbria County Council manage this process.
Response date
26 February 2019