Freedom of information request response - 05876

FOI request

FOI ID number
Community Protection Notices / ASBOs

I would like to request the below information:

  1. How many Community Protection Notices or ASBOS (whichever applicable) have been issued in your local authority area since 20/10/2014.

    I would like the above information broken down by:
    1. year.
    2. reason for CPN/ASBO.
    3. ethnicity of person issued with CPN/ASBO.
    4. age of person issued with CPN/ASBO.

Our response

    1. 2016.
    2. Roaming dog.
    3. Not given.
    4. Not given.

Additional Information: The Community Protection Notice PN is the final stage in a process which includes a formal Warning Letter. The Council has served a number of Warning Letters since 2014, but because these have been complied with, we have not had to go onto the final stage of the CPN.

Response date
12 February 2019