Freedom of information request response - 05901

FOI request

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Elderly Social Care

1. What overall number of care home beds for over 65 year olds (in total and for nursing beds) were occupied/vacant in the Eden District local authority area?

2. What number of care home residents over the age of 65 who currently have their care home fees paid by the local authority? 

3. What are the standard fees rates for Local Authority funded care home beds for the over 65s for both Nursing and Residential Care? 

4. Do these fee rates vary based on the quality of care or the facilities available? If yes, please give details.

5. What number of care home occupants over the age 65, are currently funded by the NHS (either directly or through a clinical Commissioning Group/ Continuing Healthcare)?

6. What number of local authority funded residents pay a top up fee?

7. Are the care home rooms for over 65 year olds required to have any of the following in order for a resident funded by the local authority to be placed there:

  1. An en-suite WC?
  2. Single occupancy room (excluding couples)?
  3. A minimum care regulatory rating?
  4. Any additional criteria?

8. In the last complete financial year, how much money did the local authority spend on all forms of social care and support? Please may you also include the dates that your financial year covers?

9. Of the amount mentioned in question 8, how much of this was spent on social care for the over 65s, including all forms of social care and support?

10. Of the amount mentioned in question 9, how much of this was spent on care homes for the over 65s? 

11. Currently, how many over 65 year olds who receive local authority funding for a care home bed, are placed outside the local authority boundary?

Our response


Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) request which has been logged with the reference number FOI 05901.

Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for adult social services.

Go to Freedom of Information at the Cumbria County Council website to make your request.

Response date
29 January 2019