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Deaths in social housing

Please could you tell me, for each of the financial years 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and as much of 2018/19 as you have data for:

  1. How many people HOUSED BY THE COUNCIL died in:
    • General needs housing managed by the council.
    • General needs housing managed by any other organisation, including housing associations and RMOs.
    • Sheltered Housing.
    • Temporary Accommodation.
    • Emergency Accommodation.
    • Any other type of housing.

    To be clear: I'd like you to count all the people housed by the council, including those housed in other councils’ areas.

  2. For each of those deaths, broken down by year and type of accommodation as per Q1:
    • How many were reported to the coroner?
    • How many required an inquest?
    • For those that went to inquest, what was the recorded cause of death? (e.g. drugs, suicide, natural causes etc.)
    • What was the age of the person who died?

  3. At the end of each financial year (i.e. on 31 March) please could you tell me the total number of PEOPLE (not households) housed in each of the types of accommodation in Q1?

    To be clear - I'd like the total number of people housed AT THAT POINT, not the total housed across the previous financial year.

If you're not able to tell me the total number of deaths - then please could you tell me just those deaths which were reported to the coroner?

Our response

  1. The response is zero.
  2. The response is zero.
  3. Eden District Council does not hold this data.
Response date
29 January 2019