Freedom of information request response - 05869

FOI request

FOI ID number

Please can you tell me if the council -

  • has introduced an anti-idling fine -  i.e. issuing of fixed penalty notices to drivers who leave their engines running when they are stationary, and not in traffic
  • when the fine was introduced
  • the maximum fine that can be handed out
  • on how many occasions the council has fined drivers who idle and the amount of fine given. Please include number of fines for each month and year e.g. March 2017 and make clear how many are repeat offenders 
  • how many council staff enforce the anti-idling policy and how many volunteers are used, if any 

Our response


Please note that on-street parking issues and traffic regulations are the responsibility of Cumbria County Council.

Go to Freedom of Information on the Cumbria County Council website to make your request.

Response date
18 January 2019