Freedom of information request response - 05766

FOI request

FOI ID number

Please could you provide me with information on the following:

  1. What percentage of all new homelessness applications are being collected and reported in accordance with the new H-CLIC data requirement (Homelessness Case Level Collection) since 3rd April 2018?
    1. If not all requirements are being met, what information is being collected on homelessness applications and how is this being reported to MHCLG?
    2. What percentage of legacy cases are being reported through H-CLIC since 3rd April 2018? The H-CLIC data requirements can be found here.
  2. What percentage of homelessness prevention spending is spent on:
    1. Advice and information
    2. Early identification
    3. Pre-crisis intervention
    4. Preventing recurring homelessness
    5. Other
    6. Total spend Definitions can be found in Government's Code of Guidance.
  3. Does the local authority monitor adherence to and judge the effectiveness of its homelessness strategy?
    1. If so, how?
  4. Has any training, or advice, been provided to other public services with a duty to refer following the Homelessness Reduction Act?
    1. If so, what?
    2. Is there different advice for different services?
    3. If not, are there plans in place to provide training or advice?
  5. Are there any data sharing agreements within the local authority, or with other local authorities, that aim to prevent homelessness?

Our response

  1. 100%
    1. N/A
    2. 0%
    1. 0%
    2. 0%
    3. 5%
    4. 95%
    5. 0%
    1. The New homeless Strategy is in the early stages of forming and will be ready for release in April/May 2019.  The actions in the plan will be monitored.
  4. Yes
    1. Presentations to the Community Safety Partnership Problem Solving Group, Community Mental Health.  Initiations to all organisations with the DTR plus other voluntary agencies to a HRA and DTR event.
    2. No
    3. Further information/advice/training has been offered to other public services and will be available for the team at any point.
  5. Cumbria Choice – allocations policy where all local major providers.
Response date
12 January 2019