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Planning policies for new build

Has your authority implemented, or does it plan to implement, planning policies for new build homes and/or other new buildings where buildings energy or carbon performance exceeds current national Building Regulations?

For instance, planning policy in some leading councils requires 10%-20% of building energy demand to be met through onsite renewable or low-carbon energy.

If yes, please describe what these requirements are in as much detail as possible.

This detail could include but is not limited to developments the policy applies to (e.g. all buildings, residential, commercial), when it was adopted etc.
If yes, please provide information on what the outcomes of implementing the policy that have been observed so far.

Our response


Further to your request for information, registered under reference EIR: 05815, I can confirm that there is no charge. This is because the information you requested is readily available and has not required staff time to locate, retrieve or extract it.

Therefore, I am now in a position to provide a response to your request, under the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004.

Please find attached two policies from the recently adopted Eden Local Plan, ENV5 which covers Environmentally Sustainable Design, and ENV6, which covers Renewable Energy.

Response date
03 January 2019

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