Freedom of information request response - 05666

FOI request

FOI ID number
Parks and Recreational Spaces

Under the freedom of information act I request the following information:

  • how much land [in sq metres] used for parks and green recreational spaces has the authority sold off from 2006/7 up to and including 20016/17?
  • has the council acquired any new land to be used for parks and recreational spaces in the same period, if so how much? 

 I would like all of the above to be provided for each financial year - preferably in a spreadsheet.

Our response


The only park/green recreational space the Council has transferred since 2008 is Land at Fairhill which amounts to 33950 sq meters and was transferred to Penrith Town Council on 3 April 2018 for £1.

The Council has not acquired any land since 2008 for use as a park or green recreational space.

Response date
10 December 2018