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FOI request

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Settlement Boundaries
  1. Settlement boundaries - Please could you provide us with all of your council's settlement boundaries. Please, could this be provided in ideally the following formate of Shapefile(.shp) or less preferred would be GeoJSON and in worst case KML. 
  2. Growth villages/growth settlements - Please could you confirm which settlements you have outlines for housing growth within the council. A full list would be very much appreciated. ideally, this would be formatted in excel spreadsheet. 

Our response

  1. Unfortunately we do not have any defined settlement boundaries within district of Eden.

  2. Appendix 8 of the newly adopted Eden Local Plan 2014-2032 shows the Policy Inset Maps for towns, key hubs, smaller villages and hamlets which show the allocated housing sites

    The link below will take you to the main Local Plan Adoption page on the Council website:

    We do not have this information in Excel format but all information is shown clearly on the maps.
Response date
05 December 2018