Freedom of information request response - 05657

FOI request

FOI ID number
Outsourcing Back Office Functions
  1. Has the authority outsourced or proposes to outsource any of its back office functions? i.e. HR, Payroll, Finance, Legal, Customer Services if so, please list which services and to whom they are outsourced or will be outsourced.
  2. Has the authority outsourced or is it actively considering outsourcing services that are direct customer facing i.e. front facing services? If so what services are being considered for outsourcing and the expected timeline for this to be realised  
  3. Further to the above does the authority have control or ownership over any other entities. If so, is the authority required to produce consolidated or Group Accounts? Please list the entities and their function. For example are there any leisure trusts or has the authority passed leisure and tourism services over to externally controlled and managed organisations.  
  4. Has the Authority established or proposed to establish any  Community Interest Companies (CiC’s) to undertake some of its services or functions such as housing provision.    
  5. What is the Authority’s procurement policy with regard to systems and services – does the Authority utilise frameworks and procurement vehicles such as the GPS or does it follow EU procurement procedures?    
  6. Can the authority please detail who are the providers of the following products / systems
    1. Payroll
    2. Personnel
    3. Debtors
    4. Creditors
    5. Payment Services
    6. Accounting
    7. Asset Management
    8. Expenses and Purchasing
  7. In respect of the systems listed in response to 5) above what is the cost of these systems such as Implementation (if known) Support, Licences, Updates and Training & Professional Services
    1. Implementation year 1 incl Licenses, training and professional services, support
    2. Ongoing annual costs, support and recurring fees  
  8. In respect to the systems listed in response to 5) above when does the current contract fall due for renewal

Our response

  1. No it doesn’t and it doesn’t propose to outsource any of these functions.
  2. The Council outsourced waste collection, street cleaning, recycling and leisure services. The authority is not actively considering outsourcing any other services.
  3. Yes, but the other entity was not material up to 31 March 2018. The Heart of Cumbria Limited was formed to take forward the Council’s economic development and affordable housing which could not be done directly by the Council.
  4. Heart of Cumbria is a private limited company.
  5. The Council follows EU procurement laws and procedures. Details of the Council’s procurement practices are included in the constitution, see page 245.
    1. Total by Consulium
    2. N/A
    3. Capita
    4. Capita
    5. Total
    6. Total
    7. undertaken in house, additional support is provided by Walton Goodland Chartered Surveyors.
    8. Transfare for expenses. ‘The Chest’ is used to manage qualifying procurement activity
  6. We have no data on the costs of implementation. Annual running costs are set out in foi 05064 available on the disclosure log
  7. Contract details are available via foi 5064 as above.

Response date
30 October 2018