Freedom of information request response - 05696

FOI request

FOI ID number
Motor Vehicles

The Local Authority is requested to provide a list of motor vehicles operated by the council (owned or leased) currently licensed with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (“the DVLA”). Please include the following details.

  1. Registration Mark of each motor vehicle;
  2. Fleet number allocated (if any);
  3. Chassis Make and Model;
  4. Type of Body fitted;
  5. Date new or date of acquisition.

File attachments using Excel, Word, PDF or plain text are acceptable

Our response

  1. PY16 CVD and PY16 BWK
  2. Not applicable
  3. Both vehicles are Volkswagen Caddy C20
  4. ‘Startline Van 2016’
  5. July 2016
Response date
07 November 2018