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FOI request

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Access to housing for disabled people
  1. How many people who've stated they have a disability and/or define themselves as disabled are currently on your authorities' waiting list for social housing or council housing? (By social or council housing, I refer to properties owned and managed by you as the local authority, whereby the recipient comes to you to be housed).
  1. How many people in total, those with and without a disability, are currently on your waiting list for social or council housing?
  1. How many social or council properties do you own and manage in total?
  1. How many of the aforementioned properties have full wheelchair access?
  1. How many of the aforementioned properties have been adapted in order to meet the needs of a disabled tenant, past or present?

Our response


Please note that the Council does not currently own or manage any housing stock.

Response date
05 November 2018