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Waste and Recycling Collections


  1. What frequency are residual waste and recycling collections made in your Authority?
    1. Are collections for residual waste and recycling made separately or together? (Please advise if separate collections are made for dry and organic recycling)
  2. Is residual waste collection for your authority carried out by in house resources or is it outsourced to a third party?
  3. Is recycling collection carried out by in house resources or is it outsourced to a third party? (Please advise if there are separate contracts for dry recycling and organic recycling)

If waste collection is managed in house:

  1. What is the approximate expenditure, per annum for:
    1. Residual waste
    2. Dry recycling
    3. Organic recycling

Please provide gross expenditure (before any income). Please include expenditure on collection only (i.e. no disposal costs)

If waste collection is outsourced:

  1. For each outsourced contract:
    1. Which outsourcing firm(s) are used?
    2. When did the contract(s) start
    3. When is the contract(s) due to terminate?
    4. What is the total annual value of the contract(s)?

Where spend is part of a broader multi-service contract, please provide an estimate of spend on waste services only

  1. Which of the following services are specified in the contract(s)?
    1. Waste services
      1. Collection
      2. Disposal of general refuse
      3. Disposal of recyclates
    2. Type of waste collected
      1. Residual waste
      2. Food waste
      3. Co-mingled recycling
      4. Kerbside sort recycling
      5. Garden waste
      6. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)
      7. Other (please specify)
    3. Non-waste services
      1. Grounds maintenance
      2. Street cleaning
      3. Beach cleaning
      4. Public convenience cleaning
      5. Gullies cleaning
      6. Highways maintenance
      7. Burial services
      8. Operation of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)
      9. Other (please specify)
  2. Does the contract(s) cover just your authority or any neighbouring authorities?
  3. Who was responsible for waste collection before the start of the current contract(s)?
  4. Please specify which outsourcing firm and the annual value of the previous contract
  5. Does your current refuse collection contract contain targets for the diversion of waste from landfill? If so, please specify the target for each year of the contract
  6. Does the authority receive rebates from recycling? (A rebate is defined as any payment received by the authority in respect to the disposal of recyclates)
  7. If so, what has been the annual value of all rebates over the last three years? (please specify the years covered)
  8. Does the authority take the risk of changes in commodity prices for recyclates?
  9. Please state the nature of any risk sharing mechanisms that the authority has in place with any provider of waste management


  1. Over the latest available period, what proportion of total collections were ‘missed’? (please state the period provided)
    1. A 'missed' collection is any collection which is known by the authority not to have taken place on the prescribed day sue to a failure of the authority or its contractor
  2. If garden waste is collected in your authority, which of the following options apply:
    1. Garden waste collections are free of charge to residents (i.e. the authority cover the full cost of this service)
    2. Garden waste is collected and paid for by residents (i.e. residents cover the full cost of this service
    3. Residents pay a contribution to garden waste collection but it is partially subsidised by the authority
    4. Residents pay a one-off 'bin fee' for a green bin that will then be collected by the council

Our response

  1. Refuse, garden waste and dry recycling collections are undertaken separately. Kerbside Dry recycling collections are undertaken once per fortnight, Bring Site Dry Recycling collections are undertaken fortnightly, weekly or three times/week dependent upon the location of the site and refuse collections weekly. Garden waste collections are undertaken once per fortnight from March to November and once per calendar month from December to February.

  2. Outsourced to a third party.

  3. Garden waste and dry recyclable collections are outsourced to third parties as three separate contracts.

    1. N/A;
    2. N/A;
    3. N/A.

    1. Kerbside Garden Waste - Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd.
      Kerbside Dry recycling - Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd.
      Bring Site Dry recycling - Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd.
      Residual Waste - Amey.

    2. Kerbside Garden Waste - 14/07/2012.
      Kerbside Dry Recycling - 01/07/2012.
      Bring Site Dry Recycling - 01/08/2012.
      Residual Waste - 01/04/2012.

    3. Kerbside Garden Waste - July 2027.
      Kerbside Dry Recycling - July 2027.
      Bring Site Dry Recycling - August 2027.
      Garden Waste Skips - October 2018.
      Residual Waste - April 2022 with 5 year extension option.

    4. Kerbside Garden Waste - circa £250K.
      Kerbside Dry Recycling - circa £280K.
      Bring Site Dry Recycling - circa £106K.
      Garden Waste Skips - circa £22K.
      Residual Waste - circa £840K.

    1. Waste services:
      1. Collection - Yes.
      2. Disposal of general refuse - No.
      3. Disposal of recyclates - Yes.

    2. Type of waste collected:
      1. Residual waste - Yes.
      2. Food waste - No.
      3. Co-mingled recycling - Yes.
      4. Kerbside sort recycling - No.
      5. Garden waste - Yes.
      6. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) - Yes.
      7. Other (please specify).

    3. Non-waste service:
      1. Grounds maintenance - Yes.
      2. Street cleaning - Yes.
      3. Beach cleaning - No.
      4. Public convenience cleaning - Yes.
      5. Gullies cleaning - No.
      6. Highways maintenance - No.
      7. Burial services - Yes.
      8. Operation of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) - No.
      9. Other (please specify).

  4. Only Eden District Council.

  5. Kerbside Garden Waste - Carlisle City Council.
    Kerbside Dry Recycling - Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd.
    Bring Site Dry Recycling - Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd.
    Garden Waste Skips - New Contract.
    Residual Waste - Enterprise.

  6. Kerbside Garden Waste - Not available.
    Kerbside Dry Recycling - Not available.
    Bring Site Dry Recycling - Not available.
    Garden Waste Skips - Not available.
    Residual Waste - Not available.

  7. No.

  8. Yes, Recycling Credits.

  9. 2017/18 – circa £638.5K.
    2016/17 – circa £647.5K.
    2015/16 – circa £615K.

  10. Yes

  11. A Price Fluctuation Clause is in place for the dry recycling material, with the risk being shared 50/50.

  12. Kerbside Garden Waste (2017/2018) - 150.
    Kerbside Dry Recycling (2017/2018) - 389.
    Residual Waste (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) – 291 missed from 1,352,000 (approx.) annual collections.

  13. Garden waste is collected from 17,824 properties within the district. Each property entitled to a collection is provided one bin free of charge. Up to an additional 2 bins can be purchased per property if required.
Response date
23 October 2018