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FOI request

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HR and Payroll Department

I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for a departmental structure of the HR and Payroll department within the council.

Please can you also advise:

  1. Which HR/Payroll/Recruitment/Finance system(s) you use?
  2. When do these system contracts expire?
  3. Do you have online Performance Management and Expense Claims? If so, what are they?
  4. When do these contracts expire?
  5. How many staff do you employ?
  6. What yearly support and maintenance costs are you paying for these HR & Payroll systems?
  7. Please can you confirm names, email addresses and where possible telephone numbers of senior management within the directorate?

Our response


Departmental structures are available on the organisational structure page on our website.

  1. Total is used for payroll and finance, there is no specific HR/Recruitment system.
  2. Total is used through a perpetual licence.
  3. Total is used through a perpetual licence. We do not currently have online performance management, although we are in the process of considering this. Some expense claims are electronic through Transfare.
  4. Transfare is on an annual rolling license, which next expires 31/3/2019
  5.  189
  6. Total support costs p/a: £35,124. Transfare license p/a £1,330
  7. Contact details for senior management can be found on the contact key officers page on our website.
Response date
10 October 2018