Freedom of information request response - 05599

FOI request

FOI ID number
Annual IT Health Check
  1. During which month do you receive your annual IT Health Check (ITHC)?
  2. Other than your ITHC, do you purchase any other Penetration services; if so, during which month?
  3. As a local authority, you should use providers of ITHC who are CREST of Tiger Programme accredited; Do you enforce stricter requirements than this, i.e. Check Team accredited?
  4. How do you award your penetration/ITHC contracts, i.e. framework, quotations or tender?
  5. What is the cost threshold mandated before you go to a public tender?
  6. Do you have any other compliance requirements, e.g. N3 or ISO 27001?
  7. Do you have any IT security infrastructure projects planned within the next 12 months; if so, what and when?
  8. Do you have any managed IT security services; if so, what?
  9. Do you have a specific budget for IT security; if so, how much?
  10. Who is responsible for managing IT security infrastructure? Please provide their contact details.
  11. Who is responsible for IT security infrastructure procurement? Please provide their contact details.
  12. Are you currently reviewing IT security controls or goods through any IT transformation processes?

Our response

  1. 1. January
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Tender
  5. £60,000  See Eden District Council Procurement and Tendering
  6. PSN
  7. No
  8. No
  9. No, it is part of the wider IT budget.
  10. Infrastructure Lead
  11. ICT Manager Email:
  12. No
Response date
05 October 2018