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Flood defences

I would like to know how much has been spent on flood defences over the last 5 years. In addition, I would also like to find out how much the council has spent repairing flood damages.

Our response


Cumbria County Council are the Lead Local Flood Authority and authority over surface water flooding (man made drainage structures e.g. ditches, drains and culverts) and the Environment Agency have authority over main rivers; therefore Eden District Council have no budgets for flood defences.

However, Eden District Council are a Risk Management Authority and have some responsibility for emergency planning.  Therefore, under point 4 of Eden District Council's Sandbag policy the Council has provided sandbags and sand to a number of community groups to the value of £4052.44

Under the Property Level Flood Resilience Grant, centrally funded by government, but administered by Eden District Council, the Council has have awarded grants to the value of  £1,658,978.18. This was not for repair work, but work that would help properties become more resilient and resistant to flooding in the future (for example bridging the cost difference of replacing carpets with tiles, modern plasters with lime mortars where appropriate, or flood doors, barriers and airbricks).

Response date
05 October 2018