Freedom of information request response - 05592

FOI request

FOI ID number

Please supply details and copies of all documents, discussions, reports and decisions since 2006, relating to moves to alternative forms of governance - either within the boundaries of your own authority currently, or proposed in a wider area e.g. district council mergers or any form of unitary governance.

Our response


The information you have requested is wide ranging, and we do not have all the information in an easily accessible format. To comply with this request would involve checking through a number of paper files which are not sorted in any particular manner, and which have other information stored within them. This would then involve going through each individual file, checking each individual page to locate all the information you require. We are therefore refusing this request under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as it is beyond the appropriate time limit responding to FOIs.

However, we do hold electronic information for the last three years in relation to county wide discussions over the potential of proceeding to Unitary status.

If you wish to resubmit a request the information regarding the discussions proceeding to Unitary status this could be responded to within the appropriate limit.

Response date
02 October 2018