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FOI request

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Active Street Traders

I would like to know the current number of street traders you have approved and licensed to operate in your area. Please include those that trade in a market and on isolated pitches.  It is essential for us that we know the number of traders that are currently active. If possible, I would also like to know the number of these which sell apparel if this information is captured.

As a nice to have, but not essential, it would be useful for us to know the number of traders that have been approved and licensed to operate each year from 2013 to present (so the above information but over time). As this is not essential, as soon as you have the information relating to the current traders please send that to me, and inform me how long it will take to provide the same information for historical years and then we can make a decision as to whether it is worth the time.

Please put this data in an Excel and reply with it attached to an email. Could you also please summarise the information in the body of the email.

Our response


There are currently nine Street Trading Consents. These relate only to Street Trading in our area, that is selling, exposing or offering for sale any article in a a designated area in our District.

There are currently 13 traders on markets.

Further information on the Street Trading Consents and the number of market traders in previous year is available in the spreadsheet attached.

Response date
06 September 2018