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Sprinklers in Residential Blocks

Please provide the information requested in the table below. Please treat this as an FOI request.

If the council does not have authority for public housing, and this request should instead be sent to another entity (for example, a county council) could you please advise which entity has responsibility for housing in your local authority area and, if possible, their FOI contact information?

Thank you for your assistance, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Number Question Answer Notes
1. How many local authority owned residential blocks over 30m/10 stories are in your authority area?    
2. How many housing association owned residential blocks over 30m/10 stories are in your authority area?    
3. How many local authority and housing association owned blocks over 30m/10 stories had sprinklers installed throughout before the Grenfell Tower fire?    
4. Has work started, or is it planned, to retrofit sprinklers in any of these blocks since the Grenfell Tower fire?    
5. If the answer to Q4 was yes, how many blocks are to be retrofitted, and what is the projected cost of this work?    
6. Have you approached Government for help funding retrofitting of sprinklers? (If yes, please give details in notes e.g. how much requested, number of times approached)    
7. How much, if any, funding flexibility has the Government been prepared to give you?    


Our response


I can confirm there are no residential blocks over 30m/10 stories within our authority area and therefore your request is not applicable to this Authority.

Response date
29 August 2018