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Council Contractors

For the years 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 Please can you tell me: - The full budget of the authority - The amount paid to external contractors or agencies for the provision of council services (IE: services which were once provided by council employees. - The amount spend on services provided in house For the financial year 2017-18 please also provide a list of the council’s external contractors who provide a service for or on behalf of the council (by such a service I mean one which was or may have previously been provided by employees of the council) If this information is not accessible in a way that determine spending on contractors for council services, please provide a full list of the council’s contractors. In this list please include: - The company name of the contractor - A description of the service provided . The value of the contract.

Our response


The overall budget for

2015/16 was £6,948k

2016/17 was £7,686k

2017/18 was £6,832k

This is the net cost of services once general government grant and council tax is taken out, as approved prior to the start of each financial year.

The Council’s contract register gives details of the out-sourcing arrangements in place:

The Council’s transparency data gives details of the spend with external suppliers, including those as part of the out-sourcing arrangements, this provides values, service description and suppliers:

The net amount spent on ‘in house’ services for 2017/18 was:£4,900k.

Response date
21 August 2018