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Housing inspections

Please can you let me know the answers to the following question.

  1. How many housing inspections do you carry out per year?

By housing inspections, we mean any inspections of council, housing association and private sector housing where you either visit the house for the purposes of inspecting the house for its state, suitability for accommodation, for regulatory or statutory purposes, for compliance to regulations (health and safety) etc.  These are inspections of the housing asset itself, you should not include visits where the purpose is to meet the residents or landlords only.  You should include:

    1. Where inspections are carried out by council staff
    2. Where you commission inspections by 3rd party organisations (either suppliers to do inspections or as a requirement of a housing authority etc)

Our response


2012/13; 35

2013/14; 41

2014/15; 28

2015/16; 36

2016/17; 33

Figures are not available for the year 2017/2018.

Inspections were carried out by Council staff.

Response date
15 August 2018