Freedom of information request response - 05528

FOI request

FOI ID number
Residential Property

By full address (i.e. house number/name & full postcode area), can you please provide the following data for all residential properties within your respective district area in an spreadsheet format (Excel etc)?

  • Property Type (House, Flat etc)
  • Property Style (Detached, Semi Detached etc)
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • If a flat, how many storeys? (Where Applicable)
  • If a flat, what cladding was used? (Where applicable)
  • Date of Construction
  • If property is of Non-Traditional construction (Where applicable i.e. Wimpey No Fines, Airey)
  • If any property is Non-Traditional construction, has a repair certificate been issued and if so what was the data of issue? (Where Applicable)
  • If the property is ex-Local Authority (Where applicable)

Our response


Eden District Council does not hold this information.

Response date
09 August 2018