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Unauthorised encampments

Please can you provide the number of unauthorised encampments that have occurred in your administrative area for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 to date. By unauthorised encampment I mean any trespass by a person or persons where caravans, mobile homes or motor homes are stationed on public or private land.

Our response


Number of Unauthorised Encampments           

2016 - 2

2017 - 4

2018 - 0

The data sent does not include the annual Appleby Horse Fair which occurs within the district (usually encampments in the period yearly from 20 may to 20 June would be Appleby Fair associated) . At that time there are a number of ‘tolerated’ stopping places, these are not authorised encampments but they are not necessarily trespass, they are mixed - within this there are a number of trespass incidents but we would not hold records for all of those, if they are on private land the land owners may deal with matters themselves, the police may be involved and the Multi Agency Strategic Co-ordinating group associated with Appleby Fair are also sometimes involved. As I say these are not authorised encampments but some are tolerated and left in situ. The exact details of these incidents involved with Appleby fair are not recorded unless a complaint has been made to Eden District Council.

The council would only hold records for encampment on private/public land if a complaint was made so there may have been additional encampments that are not reported within these figures.

Response date
01 August 2018