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FOI request

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Beach Huts and Play Spaces

Part 1 (Beach Huts)

  1. Does your council's area include coastline?
  2. (if yes to no.1) Does your council have any Beach Hut provision within your area?
  3. (if yes to no.1) Does your council manage this provision directly, or through an operational partner?
  4. (if yes to no.1) Is the Beach Hut provision offered through annual licence, short/medium/long lease, casual hire or other means? (please provide all details and prices)
  5. (if yes to no.1) What is your projected annual income associated with all beach hut provision for 2018/19?

Part 2 (Play Space)

  1. Does your council manage public outdoor play spaces?
  2. (if yes to no.1) Does your council currently have a Play Development / Maintenance and Management Strategy?
  3. (if yes to no.1) Does you council evaluate the 'Play Value' of your outdoor play spaces? (if not, how do you allocate funds for replacement / improvements)
  4. (if yes to no.1)What is your annual play maintenance budget for 2018/19?

Our response


Part 1 (Beach Huts)

  1. The Council's area does not include a coastline.

Part 2 (Play Space)

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Repairs and renewals are funded from maintenance budgets
  4. £4,120
Response date
19 July 2018