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Property Licensing

Would you mind providing a copy of the HMO/property licensing register documents (even in redacted format) please and consider publishing it online on a regular basis?   We help companies comply with local property licensing rules, but without an accurate and available licensing register, it is impossible for agents, landlords or tenants to know if their property is compliant or not.

If your register could be supplied as a spreadsheet, that would be ideal - otherwise any other digital format would do.

We would be looking for at a minimum:

  • The address of the licensed property, including postcode
  • The start / end / duration of the licence
  • Type of licence (if you have any discretionary schemes in effect)
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Name of the owner / manager
  • Last update to the register

Other councils in the UK provide this level of information and more, but we would be happy with as many of the above as you are comfortable / able to publish.   In some cases, your Mandatory HMO registers are available, but Additional HMO or Selective licensing registers are not. If you have no licensable properties, we would appreciate that confirmation and if you expect this to still be true from October 1st 2018 once the extension to Mandatory HMO licensing is in full effect.

Our response


Please find attached the redacted register of licensable HMOs. There is no discretionary licensing in Eden.

Response date
12 July 2018