Freedom of information request response - 05438

FOI request

FOI ID number
Local Occupancy
  1. I would like a list of the councillors that turned down my previous application and a copy of the minutes of said meeting.
  2. I would like a list of the number of solicitors, secretaries and other staff employed in the legal department of Eden District Council and the annual cost of the department.

Our response

  1. No meeting took place and therefore we cannot supply the list of Councillors nor any minutes.
  2. Legal Services is made up of:

    • Two Solicitors
    • One Trainee Solicitor
    • One Legal Executive
    • One Legal Administrator

    The annual cost of the Legal and Committee Services Business Unit is available on page 38 of the Budget Book 2018-2019 on the Budget detail web page.

Response date
12 July 2018