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Business Improvement District Funds

I would like to request details of any funds used by the authority in relation to the establishment of a business improvement district regardless, of the outcome of this spend.

I am interested in monies spent hiring consultants to write a business plan and carry out a ballot as well as funds spent on any feasibility studies which may have not, or not yet, resulted in a business improvement district being established.

In the event of funds having been spent I would also like to know the name of the area in question, X Town Centre or Y Industrial Estate for example. In the event of a business improvement district being established the only information I require is the name of the organisation.

Our response


Penrith BID

Penrith BID development: Eden paid £5,000 towards total costs of £15,000. The remaining amount was funded through grant funding from the Rural Development Programme for England.

Database and compilation of ballot mailing list : £1,000

Penrith BID Ballot 2012: £1403.12 (ex. VAT)

Penrith BID mid-term review: £1,450 towards costs of £2,900. The remaining 50% was paid by the BID.

Penrith BID Ballot renewal 2017:  £2,155.02 (ex. VAT)

Penrith Industrial BID

Drafting of BID proposal: £780

Contribution towards brochure and website: £656.46

Penrith Industrial BID Ballot 2018: £1553.90 (ex. VAT)

Potential for an Appleby BID

Eden District Council have drawn up a Service Level Agreement with Appleby Community Enterprises to undertake some business support and development work in Appleby. Up to £4,000 of this can be used to undertake survey and feasibility work on the potential of developing a BID.

Response date
11 July 2018