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Community Infrastructure Levy
  1. Does your Council collect Community Infrastructure Levy?
  2.  How much Community Infrastructure Levy was received/ collected in pounds £ by your Local Authority during the years 2015, 2016 and 2017?
  3. How much in pounds £ and as a percent % of the total Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) collected in that year has been committed to allocated projects in your local authority area?
  4.  How much in pounds £ and percent % of the Community Infrastructure Levy has been spent on allocated projects in your local authority area?
  5.  Please give a breakdown of the projects CIL money has been spent within your Authority during 2015. 2016, and 2017?  
  6. How much CIL money is currently sitting in reserves (or any other budgetary category) unallocated to projects within each year?

Our response


Eden District Council has not adopted the Community Infrastructure Levy

Response date
10 July 2018